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Best 15 inch Subwoofer.

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Best 15 inch Subwoofer.

There is nothing worse than scratchy ear-piercing music blasting through a raggedy speaker. It is not only torture for the auditory nerves but a butchery of the music. The experience can seem much more brutal, especially in a confined space like a car. In this article we will compare best 15 inch subwoofer .

A great way to revel in high-quality music and transform the ambiance of the car is by using the best subwoofer. And 15-inch subwoofers are a great option. They are versatile, and the size is most ideal.

In recent years, subwoofers of many designs and quality have infiltrated the market. Although this makes the customers spoilt for choice, it can prove a challenge while making a purchase. If you’ve been on the lookout for the best 15-inch subwoofer, you’ve hit the jackpot. We will take you through a comprehensive review and how to buy the best subwoofer in this post.

What features to look for while buying a best 15 inch subwoofer?

 This size of the subwoofer is a favorite of many car owners due to their compact and standard size. However, the perfect size alone does not define a great subwoofer. Here are the features that you should consider while buying a 15-inch sub.

  1. Enclosures

Irrespective of the size and power, the placement of the subwoofer has a significant impact on the sound quality. The first thing you want to make sure is that it fits comfortably in the boot of your car. The next thing is to consider what type of enclosures you prefer.

Currently, there are two types of enclosures for subwoofers – enclosed units or boxes and universal boxes.

Enclosed boxes are either tailor-made for a specific car or have a rectangular/square design. They have a higher price tag than the other category.

Universal boxes are built without power or drivers. This makes them have a low cost. But the catch is, the user is responsible for assembling it and connecting it to the power source.

The custom-built boxes are also in the category of universal boxes. They are unique in that they are custom-built to fit a specific car and its user. They are among the premium priced subwoofers.

  1. Configuration of the box.

Typically, there are three ways in which these boxes are configured;

  • Sealed – These boxes produce crisp, clear sound with the power of the bass being secondary.
  • Ported or vented – These boxes produce a vibrational sound filled with heart-pumping bass.
  • Bandpass – It is the perfect balance between powerful bass and crystal clear sound.

Alternatively, there is a cheaper subwoofer without a box enclosure called the free-air configuration. The overall sound is a substandard quality, but they are easy to handle.

  1. Power.

This is perhaps the most vital feature that will determine the performance of the speaker. The most important thing to consider about the power of the subwoofer is the RMS or root mean square. The next thing you want is to make sure the amp’s output and the woofer’s handling are compatible.

  1. Active vs passive subwoofer.

Active subwoofers, also known as pre-powered subs have built-in amplifier and receiver. These are an excellent option if you are low on space but do not want to compromise the quality of the sound.

Passive subwoofers use external amplifiers. They are best for custom installations such as a home theatre.

  1. Frequency

The range of the frequency is the range of sounds that can be produced by the subwoofer. The lower the frequency, the better the sound. Frequencies lower than 250 Hz is most ideal for a 15-inch subwoofer.

  1. Sensitivity

The sensitivity determines the power required by the woofer to produce the best sound. The ones with higher sensitivity can work without using a lot of power. The sensitivity of a sub is measured in decibels. 

  1. Voice Coils.

A subwoofer with dual voice coil has more flexibility than those with the single voice coil.

  1. Impedance

This is the electrical resistance measurement of the subwoofer. They are most commonly measured in ohms with 4 ohms being the most common. It is important to make sure that the subwoofer and the amplifier match both in impedance as well as power rating.

  1. The type of music you play.

Although this is not a feature of the subwoofer per se, it also affects how the sound is produced. 15-inch subwoofers produce the best sound while playing hip-hop, rap, and R&B genre.

Now that you know which features to look for in a 15-inch subwoofer, let us take a look at five of the best subs in this category. For easy reference, all these subwoofers are available on Amazon.

  1. Orion HCCA152.


Orion HCCA152 best 15 inch subwooferOrion has a track record of producing some of the best 15-inch subwoofers on the market, and the HCCA152 does not disappoint. Consider its features.

Made out of polypropylene cone, it has one of the sturdiest built. The size of the cone is a substantial size, which is perfect for producing the deepest vibrations. The rubber tri radius surrounding the subwoofer keeps it protected while giving it excellent support. This also makes the subwoofer more durable than most subs in this category.

The PAARC cools and balances the heat distribution very effectively. There is no chance of the sub to overheat during the most rigorous use. This feature also adds to the production of high-quality sounds very consistently.

But the best thing about HCCA152 is the sound. Reaching a massive 5000 watt at peak power, the bass produced is undeniably the best you can expect in a subwoofer. A pair of flat cone spiders in conjunction with tinsel leads which are loop stitched and allows massive heart stopping bass.

The specifications of the Orion HCCA152 are:

  • RMS of 2000 watt.
  • 5000 watt at peak performance.
  • 2 dB of sensitivity.


  • Sound quality is top notch.
  • The power handling is exceptional.
  • Tinsel heads and dual convex spiders.
  • The large cone makes the sub very responsive.
  • Coil cooling system keeps the heat evenly under control.
  • The system is made for endurance and longevity.


  • The massive size makes it very heavy.

  1. Q Power QP15.


Q Power QP15 best 15 inch subwooferQP15 is the best offering from the brand. The magnet in this 15-inch subwoofer is massive and is undeniably among its top feature. It has 3-inch voice coils with dual 4 ohm impedance working alongside the magnet. The coils have high resistance as well as balancing out the heat. These are thick coils made to stand up to the performance as well as the test of time. The level of engineering translated in this subwoofer is exemplary.


At 320 mm, this cone is built for producing high-quality sound. It transforms the environment of a car into an entertainment center in an instant. They also add to the durability of the subwoofer.


Peaking at 4000 watts, the QP15 is a serious contender. It produces chest pumping bass. But the bass is not the only factor about the sound. The sound is also among the loudest that is delivered in a subwoofer. You can quickly crank it up and feel the vibrations throughout the car.

The specifications of the QP15 are:

  • RMS – 2000 watt.
  • 4000 watts at peak performance.
  • 2 dB of sensitivity.


  • Loud sound due to high RMS.
  • The large magnet and strong, thick coils.
  • Handling of temperature is very efficient.


  • Low frequency.
  • Quite heavy.


  1. Planet Audio AC15D.


best 15 inch subwooferThis subwoofer on our list is the perfect combination of price and quality. The aluminum coils are dual 4 ohm which delivers impeccable sound. It produces excellent power, and the bass is also top quality. It is easily one of the best subwoofer in the 15-inch category.


The AC15D is very versatile due to its set of input terminals. It can be wired in different ways such as series, parallel as well as independent. This allows the user to have absolute control over the volume and the quality of the bass. Another great feature is that the quality of the bass does not fluctuate while the sub is in any of the three modes.


This subwoofer is compatible with any existing system, which is also a great feature. You don’t have to buy a new speaker while installing the subwoofer. It is an excellent way to upgrade your sound system without spending a fortune.

The polypropylene cone, as well as the foam used in the construction, works effectively in getting rid of distortion due to vibration.

The specifications of the AC15D are:

  • RMS – 1050 watt.
  • 2100 watts at peak performance.
  • 89 dB of sensitivity.


  • Very versatile with three wiring options.
  • The frequency range is impressive.
  • The sound quality is the right balance of bass and loudness.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It is not the most durable.
  • The output may not be favored by some.


  1. Power acoustik MOFO-152X.


Power acoustik MOFO-152X best 15 inch subwooferThis subwoofer is among the most affordable without compromising the quality of the sound. The dust cap is stiffened with aluminum, which keeps the coil from overheating. The cone flex, along with this aluminum maintains the cone flexes for producing low-frequency sound.

The power handling on this subwoofer is among the best in this category of subs. Having an RMS of 1400 watts, it can reach 3000 watts comfortably during peak performance.

The cone is made of polyester foam surround and non-pressed pulp. This enhances the bass production very significantly. The MOFO-152X is primarily designed for the bass lover. Add this subwoofer to your trunk and prepare to feel the vibration down to your core.


The magnet in this subwoofer is 373 oz strontium which optimizes the output as well as the power handling. The voice coils are a stitched dual 25 inch which eliminates the overheating very efficiently. It is capable of functioning comfortably in an environment with high temperature. This sub is also very reasonably priced but it also very durable.

The specifications of the MOFO-152X are:

  • RMS – 1400 watt.
  • 3000 watts at peak performance.
  • 85 dB of sensitivity.


  • The bass is excellent.
  • The power handling, as well as the sound output, is among the best.
  • Strong temperature handling.
  • Among the most affordable of all 15-inch subwoofer.


  • Installation can be a problem for beginners.
  • Sensitivity and frequency are not the best.


  1. Rockford Fosgate P3D4.


Rockford Fosgate P3D4 best 15 inch subwooferThis basket design unit is one of the best slim subwoofer. This is an exceptional subwoofer from Rockford Fosgate. The P3D4 features an innovative VAST technology which requires minimal power for the best sound output.

The design in this sub is no less impressive. It has an extended pole piece as well as a dedicated venting for temperature management. The bass output is excellent and consistent even for an extended period.

It works in perfect conjunction with sealed as well as ported box designs. This allows the user to have the ability to choose the volume and density of the bass.


In terms of design and performance, this subwoofer meets the industry standards, which is CEA-2031. It certifies that the product is made for endurance, and the coils are made to withstand pressure.

This unique basket designed unit is among the best subwoofer for a car.


  • Very flexible and versatile. It can be fitted in all types and sizes of cars.
  • Consistent, high-quality bass for an extended time.
  • Spider venting basket for added longevity.
  • Aluminum cone balances heating issues.


  • The quality of bass becomes lessened with high volume.
  • Under high pressure, the sound cracks.



Gone are the days when the quality of the bass was determined by the size of the boom box. Although the size is also important, the introduction of 15-inch subwoofer has revolutionized the music experience in a car. It is among the best subwoofer and is the prime proof that you don’t need to sacrifice size or shell out a fortune for quality music.

They are versatile and come in a wide variety of designs and configuration. They are relatively lightweight and affordable. But most of all, they produce studio quality bass and clear sound. It is easy to see why they are quickly becoming a favorite among the car and audio enthusiasts.

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