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Best Microphone For Youtube

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Best Microphone For Youtube

Vlogging has become an ever growing trend with more and more people trying to create fresh and unique materials. So here we cam with list of Best Microphone For Youtube . The competition for coming up with the best has let to choosing the best gadget. Without the best tools at hand, you would be left behind. Content is indeed essential, but the quality of the material and how it is presented also matters too. A quality sound goes a long way into making your videos more professional. Your viewers will respond better if you offer studio level sound recording.

Thanks to today’s technology, it is not impossible. You can get professional sounding audio even at home. Here is a guide to choose the best microphones for youtube videos. You will also get to see the best five picks to help you narrow down your choice.

Before you can get your hands on your very own mike to start vlogging here are some tips for Best Microphone For Youtube you need to consider.

How to choose Best Microphone For Youtube?
To choose a microphone for your Youtube Videos, you need to know what you want from your mike.

USB Mikes
They are usually easy to set up. With USB Mikes, you will face some problem if you want to upgrade it. Based on this data, you should make your choice.

Shotgun Mikes
You can attach this type of microphones to the shoe on your camera. These are good for making films; you can use it as it is without connecting it to the camera for interview sessions.

Lavalier Mikes
These are portable and easy to carry. When it comes to lavalier Mikes, you can easily clip it on your shirt; they would not cause a problem for setup.

XLR Mikes
It is a type of microphone used by performers on stage. XLR is further divided into a dynamic or condenser microphone.

They are far less sensitive than condensers. It does not capture the sounds of the surrounding areas. You will need to be close to the microphone.

Condenser Mikes
They are sensitive and suitable for solo recording in a quieter environment. Condenser microphones are a suitable replacement for shogun mikes during indoor records. Small diaphragm condenser microphones with pick up patterns of supercardioid or hypercardioid are some excellent choices for you.
Now let us look at some critical points on what to look for in a microphone for Youtube videos

• If you are not good with the technical stuff better look for something easy to use and configure. You don’t want to get a high tech mike which you can’t use.
• Portability is also a good factor when you are looking for mikes, especially when you are making videos. You don’t want the microphone coming in in the way.
• It should be compatible with various devices.
• Apart from being affordable, it should be able to provide the features which you are looking for in a microphone. Target the elements according to the type of video you are making.
• If you don’t have enough budgets, go after a versatile mike, get a microphone which can do more and can add more varieties to your sound recording.

Best Microphone For Youtube : Product Reviews

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Best Microphone For YoutubeYeti is one of the best microphones for youtube videos. It is affordable and offers quality recording. A mid-range mike, it comes in three colours viz., black, white and silver.
Almost entirely built of metal, it is robust and sturdy. When it comes to its looks, it leaves a stylish, retro aesthetic feel which would suit any PC system.
It makes for the best vlogging microphone because of its versatility. It has multiple pattern modes for an all-around multifaceted recording. You will be amazed by how easy it is to use. Simple and easy to use features make it easy to operate. All you would need to do is plug the mike inside the USB port of your computer.
The Blue Yeti comes with three condenser capsules, which can be used to record in almost any situation. You have controls for microphone gain, instant mute button, zero-latency headphone output. It is a one-for-all microphone where you can do anything.
Problems with feedback or distortion can be handled with the help of gain control. Thanks to the instant mute feature, you can stop your recording midway anytime you want to take a break. The microphone also comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. With the help of this headphone jack, you can listen to what you say on the microphone in real-time. You can even control the volume of your headphones by merely pressing on the mike.
One of its most prominent features is its multifaceted pattern selection. You have options for omnidirectional, bidirectional, stereo and cardioid, making it one of the best microphones for youtube. Compatible with both Mac and PC this would be a convenient gadget when it comes to vlogging.

• Exceptional sound quality
• It is complemented with a mike stand which offers excellent stability
• It is versatile, and you can record virtually anything with it.
• Recognised by all forms of windows platform
• Very easy to use
• It has no switch to turn on/off the mike
• It could pose a storage problem as it has a large size

Considering its rate and features, Blue Yeti is a good buy. The prize sometimes even drops to as low as $90 on some rare occasions.

Apogee Mike Plus

Apogee Mike Plus Best Microphone For YoutubeIt is an exceptionally great if not the best home studio mike. The Apogee Mike Plus offers a studio quality sound recording. The quality of the product is not just a general marketing claim as the gadget delivers on its quality.
It could be the best yeti alternative available in the market. Apogee Mike plus is a USB microphone which is supported by almost any system. You can record almost anything from voice-over to instruments.
It is a portable mike which supports a professional cardioid condenser microphone capsule. You won’t have much difficulty using it as it does not require a complicated setup. It does not require configuration, and you can plug it in and start recording.
It is arguably the best USB microphone in its price range. The high sensitivity and ample gain provide an amazing studio-like recording sound. Though it is small, it packs a punch. Apart from this, the good thing about this mike is that you could use it anywhere. It can capture sounds ranging from even the soft vocals to hard rock drums. Indeed an extremely versatile gadget. You can connect it to your laptop and even your iOS devices. A useful mike to improve your video recording for YouTube videos, live streaming in Fb or any other platform, Apogee Mike Plus is indeed the choice for vloggers.

• A great gadget for its price, Apogee Mike Plus offers studio-like recording.
• It is easy to use and very versatile
• Extremely portable, you can store it almost anywhere.
• It is very durable and well-built.
• The tripod could feel a little awkward.
• The cables are short.

Apogee Mike Plus is a good buy. Easy to use and portable, it offers crystal clear recording. If you are a vlogger, you need to check it out.


Rode Videomike Pro

Rode Videomike Pro Best Microphone For YoutubeHere is another affordable and lightweight mike. Rode Videomike Pro is one of the best budget shotgun mikes. It is built with quality condenser capsule complimented with super-cardioid pickup pattern which enables it to pick up audio from the front. The sounds from the sides and the rear are ignored.
Rode Videomike Pro offers crystal clear recording thanks to the way it is being built. Some of its prominent features include a three-way level control, a 2-step high pass filter, standard camera shoe and a 1/8 inch plug which is compatible with various devices.
It is one of the best shotgun mikes for a film. For amateurs and professional, this microphone has very limitation. The super-cardioid pickup pattern allows it to reject background noises which are a hindrance during shooting or making a home-made video. The range of the mike would be around 6 feet to 7 feet, where you can get proper crystal clear recording. You can even use it during interviews. Aside from being the best budget shotgun mike, it is also the easiest microphone to pack. You will be amazed at how small the gadget is.
You can fit it into small cameras which includes hybrid, still or DSLRs. The best shotgun mike for film, its tone is like that its predecessor. You can keep this wonder gadget running for more than 70 hours with a 9v battery.

• It is portable and effortless to carry around
• The noise filter is one of its prominent figures, which enables it to record loud noises with ease.
• The battery backup is a great bonus.
• It is compatible with so many audio and camera devices.
• The windscreen is not so effective

It could perhaps be the best cheap microphone for youtube. It would be an excellent addition for your home studio.


Audio Technica AT2035

Audio Technica AT2035 Best Microphone For YoutubeAudio Technica AT2035 is a microphone which has made waves due to its versatility and quality. It is not only the best vlogging microphone but is considered suitable for live performances. You can use it for different purposes, and it will perform well in any given situation. You have a great microphone in your hands, which can improve your sound recording quality by a great tool. It is a good change of pace if you would want to go from USB microphones to XLR microphones.
When it comes to feature this condenser microphone is packed with some traits. It comes with a cardioid polar pattern. What this means is that it removes the sounds from the rear and sides which are not needed. It has a wide dynamic range and a high SPL. It also offers pleasing isolation, and thanks to the large diaphragm, it produces a natural sound with low noise.
For a home studio, the AT2035 would make the right choice for you. It offers clean audio recording. It will suit your needs. Apart from being versatile, it is durable and rugged. It has high damage resistant from drops and bumps.

• It is easy to use and produces an excellent sound quality recording.
• Though it is lightweight, it is durable and well-built.
• The price is very reasonable compared to its multifaceted features
• Some customer have complained about the USB plugs not working
• An easy to use a microphone, Audio Technica AT2035

Deliver where it matters. It is the perfect choice for its price range. It is a quality product.


ATR2100-USB Best Microphone For YoutubeThe ATR2100-USB is one of the best dynamic microphones. You can expect it to perform not only in the studio but also on the staged. It is designed the meet both the two worlds with ease.
The ATR2100-USB is rugged and heavily built. Some of its features include two output connectors which include USP output and an XLR output which connects the audio system. With the USB output, you perform digital recording. It is easy you use and operate. You also have the XLR connector which is for the conventional sound system, input. It also has a cardioid polar pattern. It helps to remove unwanted noise from the background.
Some other features include a built-in headphone jack, easy to use volume controls, on/off switch and tripod stand. It even comes with USB and XLR. The outer casing is robust and durable.

• It can be used as a USB as well as an XLR.
• It is highly versatile, and you can sue it for studio use and live stage performance and many more.
• Superb sound quality
• The stand is not as robust at the mike.
• The best dynamic microphone ATR2100-USB is an excellent buy for vloggers.

Depending on the type of video you want to create, you can choose one or use a combination of these mikes to get better audios. Make sure you look for features which would suit the type of video you would want to capture. Keep in mind that you would need to go for more than one mike if you’re going to add variety in your work

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