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Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019

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Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019 And Buying Guide

Who would have ever thought, streaming a live video on your PC would one day become a legitimate profession, right? From using it solely as a calculating device to now being able to sit in front of your PC and making legitimate money, things sure have come a long way! Here we have Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019.

Streaming in 2019 has become a widespread fashion. From streaming simple tutorials on how to take care of one’s cat to streaming gameplay guides for professional games, streamers have a wide array of topic options they can choose from.

However, streaming, in contradiction to what most people believe isn’t as elementary as it may appear on the surface. There are a lot of minute and “unseen” factors that play a crucial role. A good and effective streaming mic, for example, plays a massive role. Good audio quality is one of the key aspects that glues the viewers to your videos. Audio is, after all, the key element in conveying your streaming intent to your viewers.

A good quality streaming mic, is, therefore, a crucial aspect that you simply cannot ignore if you are serious about your streaming or podcast channel. Below are some of the best microphones that are specifically ideal for streaming that you can buy now.

Guide for choosing the best streaming microphones
Like any other types of accessories, there are some crucial aspects of streaming microphones to consider before proceeding with the purchasing procedure. Here are some vital factors to look out for if you want to purchase the best microphones for streaming.

Type of microphone
There are products that work specifically on one audio recording mechanism, while others provide multiple options. Some microphones provide tri or quad polar-pattern options, which include Cardioid, Stereo, Omnidirectional, and Bidirectional patterns. The microphone multiple capsule-pattern compatibilities is always a better option.

In addition to simply allowing you to record your audio, there are many external aspects to consider. A physical gain control options, XLR and USB compatibility, intuitive mute button system, or the capability to allow you to record audio from multiple channels are some of the things to consider.

Internal features
Many entry-level microphones for streaming do not come with many internal features such as pop-filter, vibration-cancelling mechanism, boom arm mounting capability, etc. If you want to purchase the best mic for streaming, considering these minor internal features can be crucial.

Pricing (of course) is always a relevant aspect, no matter what the product may be. Streaming microphones are available in a wide array of price points ranging from basics to premium (professionals) units. No matter what your pocket limitation may be, always check for products that offer value for money if you want to acquire the best mic for streaming.

Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019 : Products Review

1. Samson Q2U Handheld Dynamic USB Microphone

Samson Q2U Handheld Dynamic USB MicrophoneOkay, let’ start off with something that can be a practical purchase option for almost anybody, irrespective of the depth of your pocket limit. The Samson Q2U dynamic microphone is the best budget mic for streaming. Yes, it does not come with all the fancy features that the high-end microphones offer. But, again, if you are expecting phenomenal streaming mics at a budget price tag, you must be, well, crazy!
Specs and Features –
• The design of the microphone is elementary as you can expect from a basic dynamic mic. The audio quality, however, is exceptional, especially considering how less you pay for it as compared to other streaming microphones.
• The Cardioid pick up pattern of the Q2U enables excellent audio recording from the front section, while minimising the sound pickup from the rear end and the sides. This offers excellent sound filtering mechanism from any other source rather than your genuine audio input.
• The Samson Q2U is a plug-and-play instrument via a USB cable. This means you won’t have to install any external drivers to run the microphone on your PC. The product can also be connected to iPhones via their lightning to USB camera set up, and Android devices with the help of OTG cables as well.
• The mic comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that produces a zero latency monitoring system to enable you to listen to your audio output without any delay or echo.
• The Samson Q2U microphone despite of its budget price tag comes with an in-built XLR connection, making it a highly diverse unit if you want to use it for everyday purposes as well.
• The product comes loaded with the standard podcast pack which includes a pop-filter, desktop stand, XLR and USB cables, and a mic clip.

Pros Cons

  • Budget price tag Average build quality
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Standard podcast accessories
  • In-built XLR connectivity

2. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019The Blue Yeti microphone is another excellent choice for people looking to kick-start their streaming or podcast channel. Like the previous microphone, the Blue Yeti mic too does not demand a deep pocket as well. It is an excellent, mid-range USB microphone. In fact, the product is a very popular choice amongst the current bunch of professional streamers, who recommends it as an ideal mic for beginners.
Specs and Features –
• The quad-capsule pattern capability of the Blue Yeti microphone is an impressive feature, especially considering its pricing. Unlike the basic microphones, the product gives you the option to switch between four polar patterns: Cardioid, bidirectional, stereo, and omnidirectional.
This gives you the option of recording any type of audio you want with minimal effort.
• The design of the microphone is ergonomic and sleek as well. It is suitable for any type of surface, and the whole structure is sturdy and solid enough to discourage any kind of wobbling mechanism.
• The audio quality of the microphone is exceptional, primarily attributed to its tri-capsule array design. The three in-built condensers in the microphone allow it to ideally capture any minute source of voice input, hence, allowing you to record efficiently.
• The zero-latency output from the 3.5mm audio jack helps you to monitor your own audio output without any time delay or sound distortion. The mic also features a mute button and a gain control option.
• It may just be an aesthetical factor, but, the Blue Yeti mic does come with generous color options to choose from (14-colors).

Pros Cons

  • Good value for money Bulky
  • Exceptional sound quality Cheap dials
  • Quad-capsule pattern option
  • Different color options
  • Simple set-up

3. HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser

HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019There is one thing that has always remained synonymous with the HyperX brand of accessories, and that is performance and quality. Although HyperX generally focuses primarily on gaming equipment, this QuadCast condenser is an excellent option for general streaming or any podcast shows. If you happen to stream gameplay, that is just an added bonus. The HyperX microphone is probably one of the best USB condensers for streaming and podcast in the market at present.
Specs and Features –
• The HyperX QuadCast, as the name suggests, comes with the option to choose from 4-different polar pattern selections: Stereo, Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Bidirectional. This offers you an ample of voice recording options from basic streaming to hardcore gaming streams.
• The elastic rope suspension on the bottom part of the mic acts as a vibration-cancelling mechanism. This helps in filtering out any unintended sound sources resulting from external bumps or any other noise producing agents.
• The pop-filter is embedded within the microphone itself, eliminating the need to increase the bulkiness of the mic by installing an external filter. The internal filter is both conventional and effective in suppressing out any external voice disturbances.
• The physical gain control is placed conveniently on the bottom of the mic, allowing you to adjust the gain level as per your recording requirement manually.
• The tap-to-mute sensor is placed on top of the microphone, making it easy to operate with minimal effort. The sensor also has a LED indicator to allow optimal functionality even at low lighting condition.
• The mic mount adapter is provided out-of-the-box by default and fits both the standard 3/8″ and 5/8″ thread sizes for optimal compatibility.

Pros Cons

  • Excellent multi-purpose microphone Requires additional pop-filter for better performance
  • Exceptional sound output
  • Intuitive tap-to-mute control
  • Shock-proof design
  • Excellent build quality


4. Razer Seiren Elite: Single Dynamic Capsule

Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019How can one skip out on listing the best mic for streaming without mention the brand that has quality microphone written all over it, right? The Razer Seiren is probably one of the best mics for streaming if you are serious about it and is looking for a medium-priced professional microphone product. On top of all the top-tier features, the microphone has the brand name that everyone can trust and rely on, which is always a positive characteristic to have.
Specs and Features –
• The Razer Seirin Elite offers the standard quad-polar pattern option: Stereo, Cardioid, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional, making it ideal for any type of voice recording venture.
• The voice output of the Seirin Elite is excellent. In fact, one of the best mic for achieving almost perfect voice output performance. This is primarily due to the implementation of a single dynamic capsule mechanism, which leads to warmer and richer voice output.
• The Seirin Elite has a type of precautionary feature at the bottom, which acts a mechanism to warn you when you talk too loudly in front of it.
• A small LCD screen on the front portion (above the mute and volume knob) acts as a monitor unit. You can view both the volume level of the microphone and the current pattern selection you are using as well.
• The Razer Seiren Elite has an in-built high-pass filter or pop-filter to remove any form of external noise resulting from other bogus sources. Unlike other mic products, the inbuilt pop-filter in this product provides exceptional performance.
• Another crucial feature is its boom arm compatibility aspect. Due to its detachable base design, it is the best mic for streaming, if you are looking for a genuine boom arm mount option.

Pros Cons

  • Intuitive volume/pattern selection display Expensive
  • Excellent voice output
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Study and solid construction
  • Convincing inbuilt high-pass filter performance


5. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Top 5 Best Mic For Streaming 2019The last product on the list is the Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone. However, the recurrent phrase of “last but not the least” could not have been more applicable. The Shure SM7B is one of the best mics for streaming in the premium price section. It is strictly an option to consider only if you want to go fully professional, and (of course) have a generous budget limit as well.
Specs and features –
• The wide-range and flat frequency response of the microphone helps in promoting optimum crisp and clean audio output for your podcast recording.
• Unlike other “ordinary” microphones, the Shura SM7B features an excellent bass roll off and mid-range emphasis to enhance the quality of the voice output, and also provides a convenient graphical display
• The external noise cancellation capability on the Shure SM7B is excellent. This is primarily due to the implementation of an advanced air suspension embedded internally on the microphone.
• The capacity of the microphone to filter out any electromagnetic hum resulting from the PC monitors is exceptional. This is mainly attributed to its improved shielding and rejection system.
• The traditional Cardioid polar-pattern design of the Shure SM7B microphone provides optimum sound output with negligible distortions. Instead of providing multiple pattern options, this premium microphone focuses on a single cardioid pattern and delivers the best output.
• The internal pop-filter on the microphone works flawlessly. As such, the need to acquire third-party audio filter is irrelevant.

Pros Cons

  • Solid build quality Expensive
  • Exceptional noise-cancelling capacity
  • Excellent sound output
  • Premium microphone
  • Intuitive design for easy mounting/dismounting



With the surge in the number of professional streamers, the demand for quality streaming microphones have (obviously) increased as well. However, not all microphones are practical, while some are simply overpriced/ overrated. Hence, the article focuses primarily on assisting you (buyer) to make the most logical purchasing decision.
Some of the best mics for streaming are provided to simplify your entire purchasing venture as well. These are some of the best streaming microphones at their respective price ranges to help you choose the best unit without burning a hole in your pocket.

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